Be a Fantastico Fashionista by Being a Limeroad Scrapbooker

views is one the best online store for women in India.
One can shop apparels , footwear , bags , accessories , skin care products from there .
Their collection is very vast   including ethnic wears , dresses , party wears , artificial jewellery , bags , footwear . Every section has a wonderful collection of products  from various sellers from all part of India.
Limeroad also gives chance to small  sellers to sell their product on its site .
So one can get Lucknowi collection from north and Kanjeevaram sarees from south .
 The CEO of Suchi Mukherjee has done a great job by introducing the concept of Scrapbook at Where  a user can create a scrapbook my matching and mixing apparels with bags , accessories etc.
I joined  Limeroad scrapbook some 2 years back.
There was a contest on facebook page of where participants had to create some look and share it on facebook , the best looks got some prizes and others were invited to join scrapbook.
I got a call from scrapbook team and they gave me the details , then they had send a mail where everything was explained in detail regarding how to make templates , how to add products and how to share it on social media sites .
And for creating these looks we were given some LR credits ( Limeroad credits ) which could be used to shop at that site .
I liked the concept as I love doing creative things and this scrapbooking was something I loved to do , mixing and matching various products and making some cool looks. 
The LR credit earned was used for shopping at that site , that was great , doing something of your interest and getting rewarded for that .
Then it was told to us that if somebody places an order from our look then  for every look sold we would be given 100 LR credit , it  also sounded cool .
So we started sharing our looks on facebook and twitter and some of my looks were liked by many and some orders were also placed and I got rewarded for that as well.
So this whole thing was very exciting and the best part was a feeling of satisfaction that I am doing some creative work.
After few months of doing scrapbooking I really felt  that my sense of style has improved .
Now I can do a better mix and match and create  stunning looks .
So a simple plain Jane or I can a  say girl next door can become a Fantastico  Fashionista by becoming a Limeroad scrapbooker , so simple but effective  way of improving your style sense .

(image source

There   are many contests at limeroad from time to time where the best looks are rewarded with some great prizes like products  from that site  or a good amount of LR credit as big as 5000-10,000 .
Which is a big amount and the winners can shop their favourite product from that site .

In todays world where fashion changes every now and then and  people are mad after  catching up with latest  fashion ,  to create your fashion or style is something great as it gives you confidence and happiness .

Those who not tried their hand in this can still try and create some magical looks and feel like a fashion designer  by just being a scrapbooker , so give a try , who knows you might just love it and get addicted to it like many , who have found creative satisfaction in being apart of limeroad scrapbook.
Starting from celebrity Neha Dhupia to CEO Suchi Mukherjee to some fashion and dress designers and common people like me all are a part of this wonderful family .

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.



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