Best Family Vacation in America with Kids

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Hello Everyone
Back with an interesting post on  My vacation  in America .

I am travelling past few weeks to different cities in America .
Came here in December 2017 with kids .
Since this is  the first time we came here , we all are  too excited and happy .
And it’s a Dream Vacation for us .
The first city which I saw here is Seattle in the West Coast .
An IT hub and a beautiful place .
Then travelled to Portland which is again in the West coast  and stayed there for about a month as my hubby was working there . Visited many places there , will try to cover few in this post 🙂

 View  of  a lovely  Waterfall  in Portland .
Beaverton -Oregon Road 
Since it was a cloudy day , one can see clouds  everywhere , even on mountains 🙂
This is Hood River in Oregon .
One of the houses at beach area .
Enjoying  Sand & Surf  🙂 
One weekend we have been to Oregon  Zoo .
Oregon Zoo was too good and  we saw many animals there and kids were too excited to  see so many animals there .
Reason  I am Loving this Vacation 
* My first US trip .
* Much needed one as  was away from hubby for quite a long time because of  his professional commitments .
* Vacation is a Time to Unplug  and recharge yourself away from our regular routine and monotonous work which becomes boring after some time .
* US  has some lovely vacation spots and  the country itself  is so good and beautiful that  one gets amazed & mesmerized  by natural beauty .
*Since winter kids enjoying snowfall  which was not there in Hyderabad .
* One learns many new things on these vacations as every city has a Tale to tell 🙂 
I have already visited some  cities Like Seattle , Oregon , Portland , Denver , Kansas City , Missouri .
And found all of  them too good & beautiful , with lots of natural beauty .
Will try to cover some more areas in my next Travel Post 🙂 
This post is a part of  #WhatILove  Series .
What I Loved   this  month is  my Vacation  in  US 🙂 
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Do check her  blog .
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Hope  you all liked this post and found it useful  .


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