Ecotique Saffron Moisturizer Review

Hello Every One today  I am  going to Introduce one more brand to my readers & friends , its Ecotique .

About the brand
Ecotique is a Personal Care brand that combines Ayurveda & Aromatherapy to manufacture  its products . Their products are Natural  , free from Sulfates , Parabens , Silicones , artificial fragrance etc . They offer wide range of products like Moisturizers , Scrubs , face wash , Body Wash , Face packs  , Massage oils etc .

One can know more about the brand from their website

About the product
This saffron moisturizer is the first product from this brand which I have tried and I am quite Impressed with it 🙂
This saffron moisturizer is an excellent product with goodness of Cocoa butter , Shea butter , Saffron oil etc .

Cocoa Butter 
Shea Butter 
Saffron Essential Oil 
Some flower Extract 
Rs 349 for 50 ml 
Shelf   Life 
2 Years 
Product Packaging 
There are few brand who really put effort to give an excellent packaging and Ecotique is one of them.
I am totally impressed with its product packaging , it’s excellent .
The moisturizer comes in a cute bottle which has a Golden Cap & when I opened that cap there was a pump using which moisturizer can be squeezed out easily. 
All product information is given at the back of the bottle .
I love such  packaging , this one seems like an Exotic One 🙂
The moisturizer is of white color , it’s neither too thick nor has a runny consistency .
One can even find small strands of Saffron in it .
Has a heavenly Smell .
Smell is strong & stays for a good period of time .

1.Contains all natural ingredients like Saffron oil , Shea butter , Cocoa Butter etc.
2.Does not contains any harmful chemicals .
3. Free of Sulfates , Parbens , Silicones , Glycol .
4. Free of artificial fragrance & Preservatives . 
5. Excellent product packaging . 
6.Travel Friendly pack .
7. Nice fragrance which stays for long .
8. It’s a good moisturizer and keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time .
9.Not tested on animals.
1. Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores .
2.Price bit more than moisturizers of other brands but seems Okay since its a natural product and Product packaging is great 🙂 
What the product claims
The product claims that it moisturizes the skin and helps to combat dark spots , age spots and other sign of ageing .
My Experience with this product 
I am using this moisturizer past few days and I am Loving it 🙂
It has good moisturizing Power , moisturizes the skin completely and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
Staying period is as long as 10 -12 hours .
I love its fragrance , which is awesome and stays for around 2 hours so one really feels that one has applied some thing good on skin 🙂
Would recommend this to all who want to try some exotic moisturizer 🙂
Since I have not used this product for a long period of time I can not say anything about it’s claim of dealing with  signs of ageing problem but in general its an excellent product .
IBB Rating –4.7 /5 
One can buy Ecotique products from online stores like or .
( * This is not a Sponsored post , I had won Ecotique products in a blog’s giveaway , this review is about my personal opinion with the product and it’s  Unbiased ) 


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