Introducing Super Food By Sorich Organics

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Back with one more Interesting post .
Today I am going to introduce a new brand to my readers , It’s  Sorich Organics .

About the Company :
Sorich  Organics is a FSSAI certified company which deals in Natural & Organic products.
They have wide range of products like Herbs , Spices , Super Foods etc which are high in quality and taste great . All its super foods are grown naturally and are without preservatives .
One can check their website here :

Some of it’s products which I am trying these days are :
Sorich Organics Green Coffee Beans :
* It helps to reduce weight .
* It Boosts Energy .
* Helps to maintain normal BP and sugar level in body .
Price : Rs 149 for 100 gms 
Sorich Organics Flax Seeds :
* Flax Seeds is a Super Food with numerous health benefits .
* It can be roasted or used directly as sprinklers .
* It can also be grounded and added to Salads .
* It’s a rich source of  Omega 3 fatty acid and so good for heart .
* Also helps in weight management . 
Price : Rs 90 for 100 gms 
Sorich Organics  Chia Seeds 
* It’s a bundle of  Carbs , Protein , Anti Oxidants .
* Rich in Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids , So good for heart .
* Also helps in combating signs of ageing on skin .
Price : Rs 149 for 100 gms .
Sorich Organics Gond Katira :
* Gond  katira helps to keep body cool and prevents heat stroke.
* It must be soaked in water for few hours before using it .
* Can be used in preparing Indian Sweets .
Rs 150 for 100 gms .
Sorich Organics  Quinoa :
* Quinoa is rich in dietary fibers and minerals like iron , zinc & magnesium .
* It helps in food digestion .
* It can be taken in roasted form or can be mixed with salads .
Rs 149 for 100 gms .
Sorich Organics  Sunflower Seeds :
* They are rich in antioxidants and magnesium .
* They Prevent thyroid .
* Can be used as a snack or can be added in soups & salads .
Price : Rs 90 for 100 gms .
I am trying these Super Foods these days .
All too good and healthy .
Best part is these are organic foods with out artificial preservatives and are in affordable price , not very expensive , So any one can afford and include these in their  diet  to have a healthy food habit and  Be Healthy & Happy 🙂 
One can buy these products from online stores like  Amazon 
I have also made a short video for this post , hope you all will like it 🙂 

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