My Secret Momology To Enjoy Parenting


Parenting is not easy and we all know it.
It needs lots of hard work, patience and a complete change of lifestyle and thought process.
Life changes completely after becoming a parent , especially Mom.
Your time is not your time then, it’s your kids time,
a mom needs to schedule her routine as per her child’s routine,
Sleep when they sleep, eat when they eat.

Many complain and feel sad that they could not continue their job, no Me Time, no enjoyment, no sleep, and the list is long.
Yes, I agree this happens but one needs to find a way out.
And enjoy every bit of it, because kids grow fast and time flies and when they grow up, we remember their childhood activities, innocence and feel nostalgic.

In today’s post, I will share some of my  Momology Tips to Enjoy Parenting.

1. Be a kid with kids
I mean it, be a kid with kids and enjoy everything they do, this way we can revive our childhood and have some fun. It’s a good stress buster too.
I try to do that, have played carrom with them, enjoyed watching cartoon movies with them.
This way we can spend some quality time with kids and make them happy.

2. Prepare their  favorite meal
Some kids are a fussy eater, some are choosy, so at times it becomes difficult for parents to fulfill their demand for eating the food of their choice.
As they would not like to have veggies and healthy food, rather would prefer all junks and unhealthy snacks. So one needs to balance this by letting them eat a bit of their choice at the same time trying to bring discipline by making them eat healthily.
Knowing their choices & preferences, I try to cook their favorite meal whenever possible, so to make them happy and obedient.

3. Go for Outings & Vacation
This is an important part of parenting which is neglected by many.
For proper development of kids, it is necessary to take them out often.
Local outings on weekends and outstation vacation during holidays.
As when they go out they learn many things, teaching new things to kids should not be confined to books and studies, it’s much more than that. It should be about real life experiences, meeting new people, exploring new places and learning at the same time.
And kids love it.
They would love to be out of their house for some time.


4. Be Strict & Friendly with them 
We need to be strict with them to bring discipline at the same time we need to be friendly with them.
Parenting should be a fine balance between being strict & friendly with your kids.
If we are not strict, they might not listen to us which is bad for them in long run.
But being too strict and scolding them often is bad as this way they would get emotionally detach from parents.
So we need to be little strict and more friendly, so that they can feel free to share everything with us 🙂  Their happiness, sadness, friend circle and its tales, everything.
This way a strong bond is developed between parents & kids.


With these little tips, I am enjoying parenting to fullest.
Happy with my kids as I am their Best Friend.
We enjoy everything together eating, shopping, outing, cracking jokes etc.

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Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do tell me your Momology Tips.
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  1. Kitni acchi tips hain 👍👍 main to joint family me rehti thi to mujhe aisi koi problem nahi hui per aajkal nuclear families me in sab ka dhyan hona bahut jaruri hai 👌👌


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