Reasons I am Happy Being a Stay At Home Mom


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SAHM is a term used online and on parenting websites for Stay at Home Mom or Housewife’s who stay at home with kids and it’s her husband’s duty to support the family financially.

After my marriage, I have enjoyed both, being a SAHM as well as being a working woman. I did Job when it was possible and left when I found it too difficult to continue because of some challenges at home, like :

  • Where to leave my kids.
  • Kids safety and well being.
  • Work-Life Balance.
  • Health Issues.

So finally left my job and decided to be a SAHM.

Though initially it hurt a lot and I was too upset and emotional as it really hurts and haunts. The time, effort and money you had put on your education. And then simply sit at home and engage yourself in household chores. I am not saying that being a simple homemaker and doing household chores is to be looked down upon, but for someone who is highly qualified and has done so much of hard work to get those degrees, sitting at home does not make feel good. It’s not about money alone ( though that is an important factor ), it’s more about the satisfaction of pursuing your job and growing professionally.

Thankfully I came out of those feelings soon as I started blogging.

This was totally a new world to me, Lots of new things to learn and adapt.

And I was happy that I got to do some creative work. Something which I loved to do,

Writing, getting connected with like-minded people etc.

So this was Ultimate for me.

Working ( not sitting ideally and watching the Idiot box and killing time)

And work from home has a long list of pros :

  • Flexible Timings
  • Away from corporate politics
  • Can take care of your little ones while working
  • Saves  travel time

Now in blogging it is not that we have fixed time and we write daily

We do when required.

So often  I do get a feeling of being a Perfect Homemaker too.

Looking after my kids and household chores.

Getting things done in my own way.

Spending more time with my kids, Teaching them, Playing with them and enjoying small moments of happiness with them.

And these all was not possible when I was a working professional.

One needs to balance work at home and in the workplace. Then you are not able to give sufficient time to your kids. You feel exhausted often which finally leads to health problems. Then you need to think about what you gained and what you are loosing?

So all these made my take a firm decision to be a SAHM and I am happy about it. It was the right decision taken at the right time.

My Carrier Graph is still growing upwards and I am earning good from my blogging.

The best part is I am able to spend more time with my kids, something which cannot be replaced by money or success as kids grow fast and after a few years we miss and remember those moments.

Ultimately it’s all about happiness.

Your carrier growth makes you happy. Having a great family time also makes you happy and content ( No Guilt Feeling )

So Dear Moms Make your decision wisely. 

I am not against women pursuing a job and spending more time outside, what I want to say is while making any decision think deeply, look at the pros and cons.

Do what you feel is good, depends upon your circumstances and kids age.

When kids are small, we need to spend more time with them, sacrificing our job and carrier for some time, when they are grown up, we can think again.

One can try various options like Work from Home, Part Time Job etc.

A woman has the right to take her decision herself because she knows best what she can do and how she can manage. So take your own decision and be happy with it.

Be happy so that you can spread that happiness to others.

A Happy mom can raise Happy Kids.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.

Do share your views about it.

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  1. Blogging also helped me get out of the feeling that after being highly educated I am a stay at home mom. Also it made me respect all the stay at home moms who make this decision by their choice.


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